General Repair Warranty

Boubin Tire & Automotive Service warrants parts and labor on vehicle repairs for one year with unlimited miles from the purchase date on the customers repair invoice. This warranty covers only the parts in question from work performed on the original repair invoice. The total amount of the warranty repair will not exceed the amount paid for the part or parts being warranted from the original repair invoice. The warranty repair work must be performed by a Boubin Tire & Automotive Service Center if customer is with in a 40 miles radius of a Boubin Tire & Automotive Service Center. Work performed by a second party within the 40 mile radius of a Boubin Tire & Automotive Service Center is not covered nor will the cost of these repairs be reimbursed by Boubin Tire & Automotive Service under the warranty policy. Second party repairs will void any future warranty for said repairs by Boubin Tire & Automotive Service.

In the event that the customer is further than the 40 mile radius from a Boubin Tire & Automotive Service Center and warranty repairs need to be performed by a second party the repairs will be covered for reimbursement. The total of reimbursement is not to exceed the total amount of said part or parts from the original repair invoice. Reimbursement will only be paid for warranted part or parts and the labor to install said part or parts that were performed at the time of the original repairs if performed within the one year time frame of the original repair date.

This warranty doesn’t cover manufactures suggested routine maintenance items such as an engine oil change, radiator flush, transmission flush, differential flush, transfer case flush, power steering flush, brake system flush, fuel system service and any other factory recommended maintenance items that are deemed necessary by routine mileage of the vehicle. Warranty doesn’t cover wheel alignments, tires, or parts that have been damaged by abuse, mechanical neglect, or the result of the vehicle being in an accident.

Warranty is good only for repairs performed on personally owned vehicles. Fleet vehicles and commercially owned vehicles are not covered under this warranty policy!

Lifetime warranty parts such as select Raybestos brake pads and shoes, select Monroe shocks, struts and bearing plates, select Walker, DynaMax, MagnaFlow, and Aero performance exhaust carry a lifetime warranty on the part. The labor to install all lifetime warranty parts carries a one year warranty. Any additional parts needed at the time of installation for warranty replacement parts will be an additional charge such items as hardware, welds, mounting bolts, and hangers etc.